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Windows – time for replacements?

A tired and run down appearance can ruin the saleability and value of your home. Equally doors and windows that are in a bad state of repair or do not match the age and character of the house can also limit the value of your home.

Old windows and doors are often draughty, difficult to open and close, and need constant attention.

Many consider that there are real benefits to be enjoyed from replacement doors and windows which will not only save money on heating bills, but will not be stiff to use or swell up in the winter. Modern replacement windows can include enhanced security features and can therefore give you added peace of mind.

Double glazed or treble glazed units are well worthwhile in terms of energy saving and being friendlier to the environment. Modern replacement windows not only cut down heat loss, but also are draught proof and reduce noise.

Garage doors are often neglected, and it is surprising how replacing these doors can benefit the appearance of the whole house. Garage doors are available in a wide variety of designs to suit the style of your property and they can considerably ease the performance of opening and closing.

Modern garage doors also can incorporate additional security features that protect your home and property. You may well look at replacing the doors with motor driven doors that will enable you to drive into the garage and exit your car in the dry and in a secure environment.

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