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As soon as the warranty runs out, the problems start…

As always seems to be the case with anything around the home, whether it’s the TV, the washing machine or the dishwasher, everything seems to be working perfectly until you’re no longer covered.

When things do start to go wrong what choices do you have? Well, firstly there’s buying a replacement but this is often an expensive option, especially if the appliance is only a couple of years old. Plus, this is unlikely to be many people’s first choice given the current economic downturn. Alternatively, you could go back to the retailer to arrange a repair but in most cases this won’t be a cost-effective option as the majority of manufacturers still routinely charge hefty call-out fees with additional charges for parts on top.

Thankfully there is another, more frugal option available. One way of saving money when it comes to home repairs is to opt for a fixed price repair. The recently launched home repair service from offers repairs on most domestic appliances including washing machines, fridges, freezers and extractor fans for a fixed fee. Prices range from £70 to £150, depending on the appliance type and brand, and include call out, evaluation, labour, parts if required and a professional safety check.

Fixed priced services enable the lifespan of domestic appliances to be expanded beyond the warranty period and are a great way to save money and take the hassle out of appliance faults. Repaircare offers an easy to use service with simple online booking available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn more at

[The service is available in most UK cities.]

9 Responses to “RepairCare”

  1. John



    On 16/08/09 I booked for a repair man to to come out and fix my fridge/freezer (Job Ref: C1135924) and was given a date of 20/08/09.
    He didn’t turn up and nobody contacted me. When I called repaircare I was given the excuse of a problem with the booking on the computer.

    I was given another appointment date of 01/09/09. The repair man turned up. He stayed about 5 minutes undid 3 screws and removed a panel, looked at the inside and said that it needed a new PCB. He didn’t test anything at all. He said that he’d order the part and that someone would phone in a couple of days to let me know when it would be installed. By the end of the week nobody had called me so I called Repaircare to be told that the part was no longer available (FOR A FRIDGE FREEZER THAT WAS LESS THAT 5 YEARS OLD ???) and that they weren’t going to do the repair. I was also told that my refund of the original payment less £40 would be done in 7 – 10 days (strange that they can take the payment instantly but it takes them up to two weeks to refund it).

    Late on Saturday night I ordered a part from Currys Partmaster (So much for Repaircare’s claim that the part was no longer available).

    The part arrived promptly this morning (Tuesday). I popped the front panel off the fridge and repaced the PCB myself in 2 minutes and the fridge is working perfectly now.

    It would appear that Repaircare are not interested in doing repairs when replacement parts are involved and that they are quite happy to make as much money as possible by eaning interest on refunds that they hold on to as long as they can.


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  2. D Roe

    It would have to ice over in hell to even consider me using this company again. It borders on being a scam. I could kick myself as I usually never part with cash before the job is done but the website appeared to be okay. I waited in all day having been told the engineer would be here in the morning, then midday then afternoon at around 4pm. then at 5pm!! When I complained I was told he was 20 mins away. 30 mins came and went still no engineer. I phoned again to be told that because I had been angry they had cancelled the engineer and had n’t bothered to let me know. They refused me a full refund. They deducted £45.00 call out fee (and they never sent anybody)!! I told them it was money well spent just to see the back of them. They are a company who like to quote the terms and conditions i.e. did you read they reserve the right to send an engineer anytime between 8am and 6 pm etc.etc. PLEASE..PLEASE.. STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY

  3. m errington

    have same problem with repaircare shower of idiots cost me 45 pounds for a 30 second visit and did the repair myself in five minuites

  4. John Page

    As a former sales director, I realise that the measure of a good company is not the problems that they encounter, but the speed at which they rectify them. I was impressed by the speed of their response and overall professionalism.

  5. Helen Beacock

    Would not recommend repaircare i’ve been waiting since the 24th August today being 28th October for them to repair/replace my fridge freezer. I cant get to speak to anyone and no body replies to letters/emails and absolute waste of space. My appliance is only 1 years old and came with 5years parts and labour cover.

  6. A Millar

    Never Use these People.
    I wish I had read the reviews before booking them.
    After the usual delays getting an “engineer” to come out., they say they cannot complete the repair because there are no available parts ! The appliance concerned is a Siemens oven ~ 6 years old andf the parts are widely available.
    However under the terms and conditions they charge you £45. It could actually be a total scam. – Beware

  7. Raymond

    I would like to share my recent experience in dealing with an inept RepairCare ‘qualified ‘ engineer, and RepairCare customer services in particular. I have a SMEG A2 cooker and for some reason the electrical part of it, i.e. the oven, clock, ignition, etc, stopped working.
    I contacted RepairCare and during the first visit by the engineer, I was told that the clock is broken and the cooker needs a new clock unit, which he will order. He returned a week later and fitted the new clock. Low and behold, the cooker is still not working even with the new clock.
    His second diagnosis was that there is a fault with the wiring loom and will therefore need to order a new wiring loom unit. A week later, I received a call from RepairCare informing me that my cooker is ‘un-repairable and dangerous to use’. I was told that the wiring in the cooker is ‘burnt out’. There were certainly no signs of ‘burning out’ when the back of the cooker was opened up for the very first time by the ‘qualified’ engineer since I had it from new.
    I was puzzled, and being an electrical engineer myself, decides to have a look before calling out SMEG. As all engineers will agree, if an electrical appliance is not working, the first thing to check for is if there is a live feed to the appliance. I pulled the cooker out, had a look at the cable connection to the mains and straight away noticed the cable that came with the cooker was damaged. The neutral and earth cables were chewed through by some pesky rodents!!! No wonder the ‘qualified ‘ engineer could not find the fault; there is a live feed to the cooker [that will show on his multi-meter] but no neutral return from the cooker. Such fundamental error in concentrating on only the cooker and not checking on the cable supplied with the cooker. I had the cable repaired and the cooker now works like new. To think that my cooker was declared ‘un-repairable and dangerous’!!!!!!
    I went back to RepairCare first to complain on the repair undertaken and also to as for my money back. They agree to refund all but £45 for callout. My point to them was that if the engineer did his job properly, I would have spared all the hassle of having multiple visits and at the end of day, the engineer mis-diagnosed the fault and still had not repaired my cooker. To date, RepairCare still maintain that my cooker is ‘un-repairable and dangerous’. I requested for the same engineer to re-inspect the cooker but they declined, they just feel fit to keep the call out charge. I have no qualms about paying the call out charge if indeed my cooker is un-repairable, but am now asking back for the call out charge out of principle. Corresponding with RepairCare over email can be quite frustrating, the numerous emails were all met with the polite reply ‘ our qualified engineer has inspected the cooker and find it un-repairable and dangerous ‘.

  8. Graeme


    Stay away from Repaircare. I logged a fault on 21 February and on 4 April it is still not fixed. I have a problem with my Freezer temp. being too warm so thought a fixed price repair would be cheaper than buying a new appliance. How niave I am.

    The engineer has visited three times and installed two parts which have not fixed the problem. I have been waiting two weeks for another part which was the final straw. The egineer has admitted that he does not know what the problem is and that he is guessing which part is at fault. This does not exactly fill me with confidence.

    I have now asked for my money back but do not expect to get the full amount but feel that the T&C are in my favour. However I’m sure that this will not matter one bit when speaking with them. I should have just bought a new freezer from the start.

    I will never use this lot again and hate the fact that I did not use someone local that knows what they are doing.

  9. K Sellar

    Repaircare contracts out the repairs.
    Repair of Bosch frost free freezer still not completed. Paid in January 2012.
    AJP installed part incorrectly and melted inside of freezer.
    Informed Repaircare of my rights as advised by Trading Standards.
    Repaircare ignored these rights and sent and engineer from Service Group. He repaired freezer but the same thing happened with inside the freezer becoming distorted.
    Again informed Repaircare of rights to have the repair carried out by an engineer of my choice. They refused to let me have the work done by Bosch engineers.
    Repaircare sent their engineer and a week later the freezer was distorted again, ice is forming inside the freezer and the temperature is fluctuating.
    Complaints ignored. 7 months to repair one appliance and it is still not working . Appalling service.

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