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Extending and Improving – Bathrooms

The bathroom can create one of the main features that can sway a potential buyer to buy your home rather than another. Careful thought can turn this area of your home into a relaxing and pleasurable environment.

The adventurous can choose baths with water jets or jacuzzi features. It is worth installing a power shower as they have almost become a necessity in a modern home and a power shower is a useful addition to any bathroom.

In larger homes with spacious rooms, en suite bathrooms or showers can be built which can broaden the appeal to many purchasers and could add value to your home.

The range of bathroom products is bewildering in terms of colour, style and price. There is a style and budget to satisfy almost everyone.

Alterations to the bathroom will involve: tiling, electrical wiring, plumbing and flooring. The task of designing and choosing your bathroom can be fascinating and enjoyable but is the type of activity that can always benefit from a designers eye.

We would advise that appropriate specialists are employed to perform the necessary alterations to the plumbing, electrical wiring and heating systems to ensure that the alterations are safe and comply to the appropriate regulations. In particular, any work done on the electrical system in the bathroom must be notified to the local authority’s Building Control Department before work begins, and certified as standards-compliant after it’s completed.