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General House Security


About 60% of burglaries happen via a window.

To make your windows less vulnerable:

  • Fit window locks
  • Install security grates to basement windows
  • Ensure windows are locked when the room or house is empty
  • Install double glazing – this is harder and more noisy to break

Remember that window locks can hinder escape in an emergency.


Doors are the favoured route for about 40% of break-ins.

  • Fit a BS3621 mortice lock in addition to a standard rim lock
  • Install a spy hole
  • Fit back doors with BS3621 mortice sash locks
  • Hinge bolts to secure the door to the frame
  • Too many locks can weaken the frame – avoid too many and concentrate on quality
  • Install security glass or double-glazing which is almost impossible to smash to glazed doors
  • French windows and patio doors are best secured with a mortice rack bolt or key-operated surface-mounted bolt fitted at the top and bottom of each section.


  • Use toughened security glass that is kitemarked and to British Standard BS6206 Class A
  • Conservatories with plastic roofs are not advised
  • Extend your burglar alarm system to include the conservatory
  • Install an additional sensor in the garden
  • All conservatory windows should have key-operated locks
  • Doors from the conservatory into the garden should have key-operated locks


If the garage is attached to the house, for example via an internal door, it is worth having your burglar alarm system extended to cover the garage.

  • Don’t forget the garage when you are fitting window locks
  • Install bolt locks to garage doors
  • Fit key locks to windows
  • Fit BS3621 mortice sash locks to traditional garage doors
  • Detached garages should be fully locked as above as they often include all the tools a burglar requires to force entry into a home
  • Consider a motor-driven garage door

Burglar Alarms

There are many different types of alarms on the market. Some you can fit yourself, others you need to have installed by a professional.

Whoever you choose to fit your alarm should conform to the British Standard for intruder alarms. There are three main security organisations in the UK – the National Approval Council for Security Systems, the British Industry Association and the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board. Their members can also carry out installations.

Garden Sheds

  • Avoid keeping tools that can enable entry into the main house
  • Fit metal hinge plates and locking plates to strengthen weak doors


  • Install passive infrared-triggered lighting
  • Provide locks to gates with padlocks
  • Construct trellising on vulnerable walls and fencing to increase the overall height