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House Contents Inventory

If your home was to be burgled, destroyed by fire, flooded or damaged in some way by an Act of God, could you list every single item in your house along with how much you paid for it and where you bought it from?

Anyone moving house will also benefit from having a detailed inventory of their house contents. Such an inventory is also useful for making insurance claims after a burglary or other unfortunate incident such as a fire or a flood.

A large number of people actually cannot do this. Don’t forget this includes every single item – things like cutlery, clothes, floor tiles, curtains, ornaments.

ThecontentsSafe offers a low cost home/office software inventory solution. The package allows users to complete their own home/office asset list which proves to be invaluable after a burglary or even when moving home (Insurance/Police recommend it).

Details of individual items such as make, model, location, purchase price/from, receipt number, along with photographs or scanned images can be easily stored. Reports can be generated for insurance claims, theft situations or even just keeping track of things when moving home.

Weight and dimensions are also totalled, allowing customers to calculate the lorry or container size required when relocating. There are also specially designed pages for media (games, books, DVDs, CDs, LPs, etc…) and important documents where the user can enter any details (along with contact details) regarding mortgage and insurance policies, stocks and shares, etc. The program also has added benefits such as adding beneficiaries to specific items.

For more information about this product (they offer a free demo so you can try before you buy) please see:
ThecontentsSafe website