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Home Information Packs

Dave asks:

We’ve decided that we need to find a bigger house than our current three-bed semi to accommodate our ever-growing family. I’ve seen discussion in the press about Home Information Packs, and whether they are required or not. Can you shed any light on this? Cheers, Dave.

Thanks for the question, Dave, and congratulations on your new arrival!

Home Information Packs (more commonly known as HIPs), are designed to make the process of purchasing a house safer for a buyer, and are currently a requirement for all houses on sale with three or more bedrooms.

As a seller of your own property, you will be required to get a HIP made. Your estate agent may be able to help you with this and obviously he/she will charge you for the pleasure! Alternatively, there are online companies that can get this set up. The cost for a HIP is in the region of around £500, and marketing a house without one will result in a hefty fine of up to £200 a day.

As you are also a buyer, the good news is that you will also get a HIP from properties you are looking at. Within the pack, you’ll find the Sale Statement, Evidence of Title, Standard Searches and an Energy Performance Certificate. This certificate will detail the energy efficiency of the house and let you know of areas of improvement.

Hopefully this has gone some way to answering some of your questions.


  1. As a buyer (of a property with 3 or more bedrooms) you are entitled to receive a HIP as part of the negotiation.
  2. As a seller (of a property with 3 or more bedrooms) you must supply a HIP as part of the negotiation.