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History of House Prices

Darran asks:

Hello, I’ve just moved into a brand new house and I’m in dispute with the VOA. How would I go about finding house prices in 1991, please?

Darran, put simply, it’s not easy to find – an idea would be to try your estate agent, who might have records stretching back that far.

Probably the better alternative is using the Land Registry Property Price Wizard, though this goes back to 1995 only – you can search by postcode.

This gives a general idea of the value of a “typical” house, and is just about the best to give you some idea of the value of your house from ’91.

For readers who are not aware, the VOA is the Valuation Office Agency. The VOA is responsible for:

  • Compiling and maintaining the business rating and council tax valuation lists for England and Wales. NB In Scotland council tax and business rates are dealt with by the Scottish Assessors
  • Valuing property in England, Wales and Scotland for the purposes of taxes administered by HM Revenue & Customs
  • Providing statutory and non-statutory property valuation services in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Giving policy advice to Ministers on property valuation matters