Buying, selling or running a home – everything you need to know about your home and garden!

Buying a property

The first thing you need to decide when you buy your new home is what sort of area you want to live in. Make a list of the things that matter, such as: having a good school nearby, good or convenient local transport links, shops or restaurants.

The following list includes a number of factors likely to assist you in making your choice of where to move to:

  • Distance from work and travelling time
  • Distance from amenities (schools, shops, restaurants, hospitals and transport links)
  • Quality of amenities
  • Local environment, rural or urban
  • Relative cost of housing

Choosing the type of house you want will depend on your personal preferences as well as your budget. It is worth putting some consideration into what is important to you. We have designed the next list to help.

Remember that an older house could be more expensive to maintain and heat. On the other hand, newer houses may not provide the size or style of accommodation you require.

If you are looking for a larger style home all costs are likely to increase such as; Council Tax, heating, water rates, maintenance, carpeting and furnishing.

You may never find one property that is absolutely ideal in every respect, so be prepared to trade off one factor against another. Would you be prepared to live in a lower-cost area if that meant being able to afford a double garage, for example?

Ultimately it may be your budget that dictates the home that you buy. This is often the most opportune time to take some advice from a financial adviser to see what you can afford and what are the best mortgages available to suit your financial circumstances.