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Building a motorbike shed – finishing off

Building a cheap, simple yet sturdy motorcycle storage shed or mini-garage is a relatively straightforward task. We’ve already looked at the basic principles and the main construction work, so here’s the lowdown on how to finish it off, courtesy again of our pal Trev.


You can now cover the frame, roof and door with your preferred cladding. Something like Sovereign Board, which is a waterproof chipboard, will do – it doesn’t need to be very thick. You could then cover it with whatever you wish. You could use shingles for the sides and door as well as the roof.

Roof lights

Instead of making these from scratch I would suggest find a building reclamation yard/scrap yard and buying a couple of old double-glazing units, preferably non-opening. Once you have them, add some framing to the roof so that they are a snug fit. Use sanitary silicone to make the joins waterproof. It comes in cartridges and you will need the gun that goes with the cartridges.

Door lock

Buy the best lock you can afford, with a minimum of five levers, and incorporating a deadlock. Yale-type cylinder locks are too easy to open…


If you have electricity adjacent to the building, get a qualified electrician to install some lights and sockets. A PIR (passive infra-red) operated light over the door would be useful.

And, when you have done all that, get some carpet laid, install a very comfy armchair, then sit back and admire your mode of transport.