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Allergic to house dust mites – what can I do?

Robert asks:

I am allergic to house dust mites. The problem is worst at night and I’ve tried hoovering the mattress regularly but it doesn’t seem to help. What else can I do to deal with this problem?

A possible solution would be to buy a water bed – which will prevent any kind of build-up of dust mite faeces in the mattress. I found the following information on the Righteous & Co. website:

The waterbed is the most hygienic of all beds.
“No matter how much we wash and shower, we all shed dead skin. In a dry bed, these tiny particles descend through the ticking inside the inner layers of fibre, and are totally inaccessible to any cleaning procedures. Severe vacuum cleaning may remove some of the particles, but certainly not all…”

Cancel out the House Dust Mite in your bedroom...The House Dust Mite, invisible to the naked eye, feeds on dead skin and sheds its faeces. These evaporate into the atmosphere and cause untold suffering in the form of asthma to millions of children and adults each year.
Righteous & Co. has a large catalogue of designer beds including waterbeds. Beds can be purchased online. Visit their website by clicking the button below.

Righteous & Co Ltd - designer beds