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About us

– from Kay and Dave

Hi folks,

We’ve admired for a while and, like the Remington guy, liked it so much we decided to buy the company. Well, not the company as such, just this website. So we thought we’d introduce ourselves as the new owners.

We have some plans for the future of the website, but no major changes. Why fix what ain’t broke…? If you have any suggestions about how you would like us to improve, then please get in touch. Contact Us

Meanwhile, we’ll keep things running in the same way with plenty of new content and articles, as well as the free question and answer service.

We have a wide range of experience in buying, selling, and running homes – in various countries too. And we also have loads of contacts in various professions and trades who we can ask if the question is of a more technical nature. Give us a try, we’ll be happy to help.

We also run other websites which may be of interest to you: – it’s full of info for Brits living abroad, and those who would like to. – this is the place to go if you want to find British newspapers and magazines online. – everything for the foodie, especially those who care about their food.

Best wishes

Kay and Dave

29 October 2007