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Time for a new boiler?

It might seem odd to think about a new boiler in the middle of summer (and at the time of writing much of the UK’s just been through a heatwave!). But summer’s very much the best time to think about it. After all, if you do decide it’s time for a new boiler, then the central heating will have to be shut down to install it. So you want it to be out of action when it’s least needed – rather than in the depths of winter when you’ll really feel the difference between having central heating and not having it!

With prices for supplying and installing a new boiler typically over £2,000, it’s not a purchase to be undertaken lightly. Important considerations include:
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New Screwfix catalogue – Issue 115 out now!

The Autumn 2013 Screwfix catalogue (Issue 115) is out now. Watch out for thousands of great deals at terrific prices!

As ever, you can order all Screwfix’s great deals from the web, with free next-day delivery on orders over £50. This is why Screwfix is recognised as the UK’s leading multi-channel supplier of thousands of high-quality screws, fixings, hand tools, power tools, plumbing and electrical supplies… in fact, almost anything you can think of when it comes to DIY. No wonder it’s where the trade buys!

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